Chicken Stories

Why do we call cowards chickens?

My experiences with these pesky birds have proven otherwise. I have found them to be the most aggressive birds ever.

One of my biggest fears whilst I was growing up was of chickens. I am not a big animal fan anyway. I am not a pet person and don’t like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc and definitely don’t like birds.

I don’t know what triggered off my fear of chickens. I suspect it could have been some traumatic experience from my childhood.  My aunt told me that when I was about 2 or 3 years old, I was in the bedroom and got up pointing at thin air screaming ‘chicken, chicken’ when there was nothing there.

Everyone in my family knew of my fear of chickens. I grew up in a big compound in Nigeria and our neighbours that lived at the back had a chicken farm. Every Christmas and Easter or other major celebration, we would get chickens. Since we lived on the first floor it was risky to leave them out in the yard in case they got stolen.  Instead, we used to keep and even breed them in the kitchen.

These were horrible times for me. The chickens were always behind the door and would squawk and cluck every time you entered the kitchen. It meant for 4 – 5 weeks a year, the kitchen was a danger zone to enter.  It was even worse when there was a special occasion or celebration!

I was so afraid of them.

To be continued…

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


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