Your Stories

Welcome to the ‘Your Stories’ section of my blog.

This where YOU help me help YOU.

Simply share  below stories or situations that have made you fearful or when you have been afraid.

A good story will answer as many of the following questions.

  • Who was involved?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Has it happened again?
  • Is it a recurring situation or theme in your life?
  • What were the circumstances?
  • Why were you afraid or what did you think would happen?
  • How did it end?
  • What other emotions did you feel?

After reading your stories, I will discuss common themes that most people are struggling with in fear and help YOU on the steps to freedom.

Whilst writing your stories, remember to protect or anonymise other people who were involved.  Do not share anything about anyone that would cause distress or disrespect to the other person.

You are free to anonymise even your details if you wish.

So what are you waiting for?  Get blogging 🙂

May God bless and keep you in His presence, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


3 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. My 3 year old climbed into the tumble dryer as per usual, and suddenly I heard the door slam and the tumble dryer starting.

    I realised my 18 month old had shut the door and started the machine. I was so scared, I ran straight to the dryer and pulled him out quickly.

    He was understandably shaken by the event and said he would never get into the tumble dryer again because it really scared him. Luckily he escaped unharmed although we think he may have shrunk a little bit.

    Afterwards when I thought back on it, I was so petrified about what could have happened, lucky I was in the same room. My little baby could have died.

  2. Another time, whilst working at 1 of London’s teaching hospitals post July 2007, we received a secret code to alert the staff that there was a bomb threat just outside the department.

    Immediately we set about trying to evacuate patients and were assigned different places to co-ordinate. I was assigned one of the wards to stay in and wait until different groups had been evacuated. Unfortuntely the lifts weren’t working so made it more difficult to evacuate people quickly.

    I was so petrified!

    I called my husband crying on the phone, saying how much I loved him and the kids. He obviously told me to get a grip and not be silly but I really was so scared.

    In the end, they were able to catch the man with the package which ended up containing bricks.

  3. When my twins were about 3 or 4 yers old (8 years ago), they used to talk to ‘the man’ in their room. He used to sit on their beds at night, they had conversations with him at times or told me they saw his feet going up the stairs. The wierd thing was that there was no ‘man’.

    It was really scary especially because this man woke them up at night. I used to have to call my husband to come home when he was working at night.

    We found out that the man who lived in the house before us used to like kids and brought the kids round and make cakes with them at home. In the end he died in the house.

    Eventually the kids grew out of it but I remember times when I would be by myself and feel someone was in the room with me or smoking next to me even when I was alone. On several occasions, I actually had to say to whoever it was, ‘you’re scaring me now, I’m scared, please leave me’. When we were decorating I would even go as far as saying, ‘sorry we are changing your house, but it’s ours now not yours anymore’.

    Spooky, I know.

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