It is finished!

My first book is complete.

After many months of praying, fasting, sleepless nights, dictating on my phone, writing, typing and editing, I have finally finished my book.  It feels weird to have completed it.  It has not being easy and even though I had the main concepts I wanted to touch on before I started the book, I definitely had many periods of writer’s block.

Getting this book finished has not only cost me time but also a lot of money.  Basically in order to get the right atmosphere for writing, I have been spending many hours in a local Café in Edmonton Green.  The food is great and the service is even better.

I am someone who doesn’t really like libraries.  Even whilst I was revising for exams, I used to listen to music in the background or go to the talking section of the library so I had some background noise.  Absolute silence is my worst nightmare for when I want to concentrate.

The staff at the Café have seen me come in regularly, sometimes 2 to 3 times a week, typing furiously on my laptop, holding my head in confusion when I get periods of writer’s block and getting up to stroll to the toilet, my car or just around their Café in order to prevent the leg cramps, lol.

They got so used to me to the point that each day I came, the waitresses would ask me how many words I had done.  It was great because they knew my table, the one right next to the wall socket so I could charge my laptop.  Over the last few weeks, every time I entered the Cafe, someone would be ready to plug in my laptop for me and the waitresses would order my ‘hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream’.

Then I had to order something else to make sure they didn’t kick me out after a few hours.  There were times that even though I had food at home, I would order a whole 3 course meal with at least 3 different drinks over the 4 – 6 hours I was there just to be able to work in the Café.

Yes, it is definitely showing on my waist line! 

But to God be the glory, after all the months of eating out, paying for parking in Edmonton Green car park, typing on my laptop, doing multiple scripture and word searches, it is finally finished.

What next?

I suppose I need to start with the marketing and production of the actual book.  I am very much excited about this stage of things.  It feels weird to think that soon my book will be in bookstores, on Amazon, on bookshelves, libraries and even in your hands.  I can see some of you reading my book on the tube on the way to work or in your study at home or even whilst you’re on the loo for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Wherever as readers, you decide to take the book, I really don’t mind.  I just pray that as you read each chapter, paragraph and sentence, God speaks to your hearts and liberates you.  I pray that all those who read my book will come to understand and walk in the freedom from fear that is theirs in Christ; Amen.

I am really excited, hope you are 🙂

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

4 thoughts on “It is finished!

  1. Hi Lizzy,
    CONGRATULATIONS on starting and finishing!! It must have been such a great feeling of achievement when you typed your last word! Let us know more when its published and available for purchase!

    • Hi Bukky, thank you for the comment.

      Trust me, when I typed the last word, I just did a dance in the cafe and twirled for a few minutes, the lady was like ‘I take it you’ve finished then’.

      So started editing now, the book should be ready by early next week but will need to officially launch it probably in Sept, can’t wait.

  2. Oh my gosh Elizabeth!! I never knew you were writing a book!!! Well done!!

    Let me know when it is available so I can get one!

    So proud of you – hard work always pays off in the end.


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