Want to Self – Publish?

..Think on these things

I have compiled a summary of the advice self – publishers were given by published authors and publishing houses at the London Book Fair.

The first advice they gave was to make the book as professional as possible.  Despite the rise of self – publishing, there is still an element of snobbery in the industry.  Some established publishers still turn their noses up at writers who have chosen to DIY their book to the stores.  There is still a lingering impression that self – published authors do so because their books lack respectable content or have been rejected by traditionally published authors.

If self publishing is going to continue to gain respect in the industry, us budding authors need to be serious and professional in the way we produce our books.

This starts with the actual book itself.  Unfortunately freedom of expression limits the criticisms you can place on an author’s literary licence since each person writes with their own individual and artistic flair.  However, this does not give writers the permission to subject their readers to bad spelling, poor grammar and other language mistakes.

So Tip #1 – Get a professional proof reader or editor.  Don’t be your own proof reader.  As a writer, you know your book from its back to the front.  You know what it is supposed to say.  Therefore it is likely that when you read it back to yourself, you will read what you think it should say not what’s actually on the paper.

Sometimes even Microsoft Word Spellcheck cannot help you.  Remember as long as it is a word, it will accept it.  So you might get ‘let me reed it to you’ instead of ‘let me read it to you’.  Don’t take the risk.

I am halfway through my book now at 20,000 words.  I have read it over and over again so many times that it hurts me to even see my own thoughts in print.  If you can’t afford a professional editor, get people you know and trust to read it over for you.  A fresh pair of eyes can make a difference.

Mispleled worlds or badly grammar can live a bad tast in your mouth and run perfctly gd book for you.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


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