You need to publish your book

In the wake of my recently published book, ‘Fear No More’ the talk given by second speaker, Mindy Gibbins-Klein; writing and publishing expert, international speaker and leading book coach was right up my street.

Since the online release of my book at, I have been approached by many budding authors and potential self publishers interested in following a similar path. Mindy’s talk would have answered a lot of their questions and put right their misconceptions.

What was amazing about Mindy was that she had helped more than 300 people from deciding what to write, to producing the manuscript and publishing the final product. She and her team were midwives in the publishing industry which is why they are called ‘The Book Midwife’

Mindy started the talk by telling us about 3 types of people when it comes to publishing.

  • Those with a book or one in progress (I was proud to be amongst this group)
  • Those who want to write/publish a book
  • Those who were about to realise that they should write the book after her talk and hopefully after this note

Which type are you?

You’re probably thinking, I have no desire or intention to ever write a book. Well according to the speakers at the KPI seminar and Mindy, you probably won’t become a KPI without a book with your name on it. Not many people understand the value of a book. Imagine all the things you know and have learnt in print or digital format (if you’re going for an ebook) available for people to read. You don’t have to physically be with them in the same room but you can share your experiences and particularly your expertise with a worldwide audience. Your book allows you to become a reference point in a particular subject. All you have left to do is decide what you want to write about and Mike Harris’ talk on the perfect pitch gave us the tools to define our niche.

Everyone has a story to tell. Some are more interesting than others. The 21st century is so amazing that many can share their story without even writing a single word or typing on a keyboard themselves. There are dictaphones, secretaries, professional authors and even personal assistants who can act as scribes for that book in you titled ‘how to dress better than an eskimo’.  

Mindy started by sharing the common fears that some people have when deciding whether to publish a book or not. Guess which ones I’ve had.

  • Fear of exposing yourself
  • Fear of ‘what do I have to say’
  • Fear of whether they would like you

Needless to say, I have had all of the above.  My biggest one was exposing myself. I knew what I had to say although I wasn’t sure if people would want to hear it. God took care of that and gave me the confidence I needed. I did consider whether people would like me. However this was quickly quenched as my reason for writing was not to accumulate fans but to empower the Body of Christ in obedience to word of God in my life. So with those 2 taken care of, God has spent my whole lifetime helping me deal with the fear of exposing myself.

There’s no denial that I have attributes of extroversion.  I am comfortable with meeting new people, happy to start conversations with strangers, confident at times with public speaking and able to lead a team in some situations. However, something I shy away from when I can is fame. I don’t want fame. I want to be used by God but don’t want to be famous for it. There might be some people who know me reading this who might be surprised. But it’s true. My fear of being exposed even made me afraid of being successful for a very long time.

Jesus Christ admonishes His followers to let their light shine so brightly before the others so that the world may give glory to God. My prayer to God for a long time was to go ahead and use me as a light but do it without allowing people to see me (LOL, give me a moment to laugh at myself).

By writing and publishing ‘Fear No More’, God has certainly exposed me. However, in the last 5 years, God has gradually used His word to encourage me to focus on the bigger picture. My life is not my own to hold onto. My light is not mine to hide under a bushel. The salt in me is not for my chicken stew at home (eurgh!). I was created to bring Him glory and that means people have to know. The experiences I have been through are not mine to harbor. The lessons He has taught me are not only for me to keep to myself but He has taken me on this unique journey called life so that someone reading this might be empowered

Are you afraid of exposing yourself?

Forget it.  As He sends you out as sheep among wolves, He will be your shield and your protector. He will stand by you like a faithful Husband, defend you like a mighty Warrior and cover you like a loving and protective Father. God will not let you be put to shame because you serve Him. It does not give Him glory to see you fail in His name. In fact, it is impossible to fail in His name.

Not convinced yet? Read ‘Fear No More’.

That’s why I wrote the book, to show you that total freedom from fear is available to you in Christ.

If you haven’t considered before, do so now. Write that book.

If you want to write but don’t know how to start, leave a comment below and I will see how I can help.

If you have already written and want to publish your work, leave a comment below and I will see how I can also help you.

Wherever you are in your journey, it’s time to publish that book. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Go to to buy your copy today!


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