Key Person of Influence Seminar

Seminar Saturday 30/10/10

The KPI Seminar was a one day conference hosted by Daniel Priestley, a millionaire with a passion for entrepreneurs.

There comes several instances in life when we go through periods of self discovery and re-discovery in our lives. This week has been a tough week of re-discovery for me. It has felt like God is trying to birth something in me that we both know is in there somewhere but is taking its time to manifest. Amongst the lessons I have leant along this week is the lesson of placing a value on who I am and what I do.

You see I am a giver; I always look for ways to bless people. I go out of my way to cater to people.

All my life I take responsibility for other people’s lives and decisions.

As the eldest child in my family I have in the past carried the burden of other people’s hidden mistakes and even held myself inappropriately accountable for the future of my family.

At work, I have felt burdened to meet other people’s expectations; my patients, colleagues, trainers, etc.

At church I have in the past felt pressured to be inconvenienced, put myself and my family second place and sacrifice my studies in order to be a good steward.

Many times I feel burnt out and exhausted.

In all, I know I am the type of person who is prone to be abused and misused. The fine line between being of service to others and being used by others has been blurred for me many times. However, I am very much aware that my service is to people so it is important that I balance relating with them whilst fulfilling my God given destiny.

Therefore I attended the Key People of Influence hoping I would hear something, even if small that would help me deal with my specific situation. One of the common struggles of many Christians is finding the balance between adding true value to others whilst keeping true to the person God created them to be. The KPI Seminar basically solidified the things God has been teaching me all week. Continue to read my notes and my take on the talks and the speakers…

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


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