The DIY of Self Publishing

Self publishing hasn’t always had the cool and snazzy appeal it does today. The overwhelming impression I got at the London Book Fair was that many authors, new and ancient were jumping on the self publishing band wagon and ‘choosing’, note that word, CHOOSING to DIY their books onto the shelves and into the stores.

DIY isn’t only for bathrooms

We’ve just had our bathroom completely redone from top to bottom and our insurance company had to pay for it because the toilet itself was broken by one of their representatives.

Although they paid us back, we had to run around doing a lot of things ourselves. We found the plumber after various unsuccessful candidates, bought all the materials even though our knowledge of plumbing was not the greatest and negotiated the best deals from all parties involved. It has been a week since they started working on it and I feel like with a bit of motivation, I could be a plumber myself.

That’s the thing about DIY, you learn a lot from doing it yourself.

Of course before I went to the London Book Fair, I thought self publishing was completely ‘do it yourself’. I thought you obviously wrote the book, you chose the design, the colours, designed the front page, decided the size, found the printers (or print yourself if you happen to have the right printer binding equipment at home), sorted out the ISBN, visited the bookstores and sold yourself. I thought you were the author, the designer, your own marketing department, your own publicist and obviously your own Publisher.

In some ways you still do all that.

However, due to the advances in modern technology, there is so much more flexibility to self publishing. You can still self publish and the only thing you physically have to do is write the book because there are self publishing houses, POD (print on demand) companies, book marketers, publicists and more who can do the things you might not want to DIY.

Self publishing has come a long way indeed.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


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