Guess what? The title of my book


The writing is done, the research is over, the proof readers and editors are happy.

The title of the book has finally been chosen and the cover has been designed.

An unveiling is imminent but out of the kindness of my heart, I wanted to give you the opportunity to get something for nothing.

Want to get a 10% discount off your purchase of my first book coming out this September 2010? Then follow the instructions below.

  • Simply reply to this note on my blog with a guess of the title of the book
  • Up to 3 guesses per person
  • The correct answer will be revealed between 20/8/10 and 25/8/10
  • One person with a correct answer will be selected at random to receive a smashing 10% off the book retail price, redeemable at the book launch in September 2010.

This offer must not be used in conjuction with any other offers. 

Only guesses posted in response to this note will be counted, no email or facebook replies will be noted.

All persons involved in the development and production of the book are not permitted to enter the competition.

What are you waiting for?  Start guessing today 🙂

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Go to for your copy today.


Personal Assistant Needed!

I am looking for a Personal Assistant to work with MWG Ltd (scroll to end to find out who we are)

Are you..

  • Looking to self publish your book in the next 12 months?
  • Interested in starting your own business?
  • Keen to learn about everything involved in self publishing; book writing & production, printing, distribution and even marketing?
  • Interested in working with and assisting a new self publishing company?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, this exciting opportunity might be ideal for you.

I am looking for a Personal Assistant on a volunteering basis to carry out general administration and secretarial duties for 4 months (September to December 2010) in the production, distribution and self publishing of my book.

The successful candidate will receive:

  • Travel and lunch reimbursements
  • First hand insight into the world of self publishing
  • Support and training within the role
  • Financial sponsorship of relevant industry fairs or business set up workshops that are directly related to the fulfilment of your role
  • An opportunity to learn inside tricks of the publishing trade
  • Useful contacts to use for the self publishing of your own books
  • Discounts where possible for your future publishing e.g. in book production, editing, cover design, etc.
  • Free MWG ISBN if eligible for the distribution of your future book

What is expected:

  • *Committment of one day a week from 9am to 5pm for the 4 months (weekends included)
    *Must be able to travel to the MWG office in Enfield, UK
    *Must be able to proficiently use Microsoft packages including MS Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF software
    *Must be willing to learn
    *Must be able to work unsupervised
    *Must be reliable, honest and enthusiastic
    *Must be interested in business set up and development
    *Interest in self publishing very desirable but not essential
    *Must agree with the Spirit of the company’s Christian statement of faith but does not have to be a Christian

Still Interested? Then email today with your name, email, address, contact number, current CV and any relevant questions for clarification. More details and application form will be sent to you on receipt of your interest.  Interviews will be taking place in August.

About MWG – Memoirs with God Limited is a new publishing company I set up to self publish my book about overcoming the spirit of fear. In the next 12 months, MWG is set to publish at least 4 new books written by myself and more titles by other authors. MWG will also offer self publishing consultancy services to new authors interested in learning about the self publishing process at a very competitive rate.

This is the best time to join MWG and really be a part of something big and exciting that is set to revolutionalise the world in the most unimaginable way possible.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

What comes next?

The full draft of the book is finished. 

The concepts, ideas and insights God revealed to me during my one year personal study into overcoming fear has been translated succinctly into printed words.

Honestly, I cannot believe that for my first book, I have written just over 33,000 words with 13 chapters including the introduction.  Even now, I have many more concepts God is showing me that I could include to give some of the chapters more depth.

So what next?

Well I’ve split my journey into different stages.

  • Writing:  as it says on the tin
  • Pre – Production:  editing and preparation of manuscript
  • Production:  printing and production of hard copy of book
  • Post – Production:  marketing, distribution and sales of book

The writing period is almost over.  At this point, it is unlikely I am going to add new concepts to the manuscript.  Any additions will be to simply add depth and build on previous chapters.

Pre – Production

This is the stage I am in now.  It involves preparing the manuscript for printing and for me, the beginning of my marketing strategy.

In order to prepare the manuscript for printing, I have researched several editors and finally chose one.  She does editing, copy writing, etc and has edited books for many well known authors including the legendary Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, one of my role models.  If all goes according to plan, my editor should be able to get the book ready for print by the beginning of next month.

Whoooo Hoooo!

I have also given the finished copy to my bible school dean from King’s College of Excellence who has been following the development of the book right from its baby stages.  He has been reviewing some of the theological insights I share in the book and has given positive reviews so far.

I am currently praying and looking for book clubs and writing groups that I can approach to read the finished copy and give me some much needed feedback.  So if you know any, simply leave a comment below.

As mentioned earlier, I really want to get started with the marketing but I haven’t actually worked out a specific marketing strategy yet.  I suppose I better get going.

So there you have it; an update on my progress.  I pray that after all is done, this book is as a great a success as God has shown me it will be.

But more importantly, I pray it changes the life of all those who read it and enables them to walk in the freedom available in Christ, Amen.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Wake Up World

Welcome to my blog.

Firstly let me apologise for my temporary silence.  I know I have been quiet for a while.  Everyone that has done a blog advised me that you must have new content at least 3 times a week to keep going; looks like I need to catch up.

I went away last weekend to focus on writing the book and hopefully getting it finished.  If you would like to get an update on that, check out my ‘Writing Updates’ section.

I have been MIA (missing in action) for various reasons.

  1. My laptop has been playing up –  got a virus on it and was not allowing me to do a lot.  So had to limit its use temporarily in order not give unwanted access to my precious files.
  2. I almost lost my book as my laptop kept crashing and I didn’t have back up files.  Thankfully to God I had an older copy on my usb which only needed a little bit of a break.  I have learnt my lesson now.
  3. I recorded videos for you to keep you updated while I was away but could not upload them as I left the connection at home.

Ok it all sounds like lots of excuses, I know but that is the point of this blog, to share my journey with you, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So if you think you’re brave enough, read the rest of my pages and leave a comment below.

If you have written a book or are writing a book or know someone who has, why not share your comments below.  It would be really appreciated.

Let’s get writing.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Hello world!

I am afraid

Probably 3 years ago…

I had just finished another intense session of revision in the library.  I couldn’t wait to run out of the door and get something to eat.  The thing about revision is that the brain craves glucose like a rabid dog.  If you’re not careful, you will become hypo very quickly (your blood sugar drops) and you lose all concentration and intelligible thought.

As I packed my books and headed out of the door, my phone rang.  It was my mum.  It was unusual for her to call in the middle of the day unless it was urgent so I hastily went out to take the call.  Immediately I heard the voices of my brothers in the background.  ‘Why wasn’t I told of this family meeting?  Unless it’s an emergency’.

My mum started, “please don’t get scared, we didn’t want to tell you but…”.  You could hear the tears behind her voice.

As she continued with her story, I felt my temperature rise.  My legs felt weak, my heart was racing; I was having palpitations.  I struggled to listen to the whole story.

For me it was devastating news.

I was panicked.  I was worried.  I cried out of helplessness.

I was afraid.

That weekend, I got the next train to London to be with my family, at least I did not have to be afraid of what comes next… alone.”

I don’t have to be afraid

Probably 1 week ago…

I had just started my 4th night shift in A&E.  It had not been too busy the last 3 nights so I was hoping this one would be a perfect ending to a perfect set of nights.

I had only been at work for 3 hours when my phone rang.  It was my mum.  I knew we were going through some difficult times as a family but was hoping things would get better not worse.

She asked if I was able to talk.  Technically I wasn’t but I could hear my brothers in the background, everyone was up at 1am, something’s obviously wrong.

I walked to the back of the nursing station and asked her what was wrong.  She didn’t mess around, she gave me the news straight.

I felt sick in my stomach.  My legs felt weak and my heart began to race; I was having palpitations.

The news was terrible but it was the potentially devastating aftermath we were all concerned about.  I got the strength back in my legs and walked to the Doctor’s room where I calmly asked some simple questions.  My palpitations were short lived.

I spoke to both of my brothers and made sure everyone was ok.  Once I was satisfied with their safety, I assured them I would finish my shift and be back in the morning.

After I hung up the phone, I prayed and cried.

This time I was concerned but not worried.  I was hopeful not helpless.  My body had reacted to the news in fear of the future but I stood my ground.

I had no reason to be afraid because I had God.”

Welcome to my blog.

You’re probably wondering what on earth I am talking about.

Well, this blog is the prelude to my book about overcoming the spirit of fear the Biblical way.

Fear is a part of everyday life.  We come across situations that either make us afraid or scare other people.  Some of us are afraid once in a while, others daily whilst others are so bound by the stronghold of fear, it affects their quality of life.

My book is for those who are struggling with the spirit of fear in their lives.  

Those who have held back from the good things that God has in store for them because of fear.

Those who are living below the heights that God has pre – ordained for them in the shadow of fear.

My book will expose the lies the devil has told you about God, yourself and others.  It will illuminate the wonderful truths God has revealed in His Word.

My book will guide you on the path to freedom and show you the steps to take.

How do I know this?

Because I have also battled the spirit of fear and won in Christ Jesus.

I do not write as someone who has attained victory in my own strength but as one who lives and depends daily on the principles of the Word of God; the Bible for overcoming my fears.

So read the About pages and see how this blog prepares you for my book.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Go to for your copy today!