Fearless Living

Sally is a 38 year old part time shop assistant in a small close knit village. The rest of the time she spends as wife to her handyman husband, Peter and mother to their 3 lovely children. Those who know Sally will describe her as friendly, welcoming and homely although they would mention her somewhat pessimistic attitude to life. If anyone could see the worst possible outcome to a situation, Sally’s your girl. Her friends had grown to love her for it, they just figured it was her nature; perhaps she had been that way all her life. Only her husband knew how her pessimism stemmed from her inner battle with fear and anxiety.

Peter had suggested she seek Pastoral counsel about it but Sally would not go. She did not want people judging her especially not her Christian family who saw the outward persona she had created to make them think she was confident. Sally was afraid of many things. She was afraid of dying and prayed daily that Jesus would come or rapture her away so she would never have to experience death. She was afraid of losing her children and her husband. Whenever Peter was away, she called him constantly just to know what he was doing and make sure he was safe.

She was afraid of disaster striking her home; earthquakes, tycoons, floods or even fire. Her daily routine was to nag her husband until he checked all the doors and test the fire alarms to make sure they were working. They went through the same argument every night and for the sake of peace, he would give in. It is a wonder that he has not left her all these years. Peter loved his wife greatly and despite everything they had been through or the times they have been apart; he has never given into the temptation of betraying their marital vows.

Although she has never told him, the pessimist in Sally believed deep down that there was a strong chance that Peter had been unfaithful to her. She has been known to lash out at him in anger for nothing just because her mind played a scene of him cheating with a younger, prettier woman. Sally was afraid of losing her loved ones to others, to natural disasters and even to death. At this point, you might be wondering, is Sally a Christian?

Yes, she has been born again for 10 years. She is a dynamic, praise and worship leader at church, a positive role model for her kids and young people around her. However because she had never taken the time to deal with her fears and pessimistic nature, she has allowed them to grow into a stronghold in her heart. Only her husband knew the fearful, anxious and needy woman she truly was. Sally hid her fears not only from the world but also from God; in her mind, it was her problem to deal with not His.

The book ‘Fear No More; Finding Total Freedom from Fear in Christ’ was written specifically with people like Sally in mind.

  • The book Fear No More will remind Sally of who she is in Christ
  • It will show her what the world was like without fear in the Garden of Eden and how in Christ, the ideals of the Garden are restored
  • It will encourage her to take her fears to the presence of God rather than hide from it like her predecessors, Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden
  • It will help her to deal specifically with the fear of dying and losing her loved ones
  • It will teach her how her needs can be met and fears dealt with by God so that she can have a healthy relationship with her husband and others around her
  • It will guide her step by step in how to obtain freedom from fear for herself by renewing her mind with the word of God

After reading my book, ‘Fear No More; Finding Total Freedom from Fear in Christ’, Sally will never be the same again.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


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