Destined to Overcome

Rochelle is a 25 year old graduate working at one of the most prestigious Law firms in London. Her friends describe her as bubbly, fun loving and energetic. If there is one thing Rochelle does not lack though; it has to be self confidence.

This girl was fearless!

Whilst at university, she pulled a lot of stunts that no one else would have dared and boldly went places that no one else would have gone. She was self sufficient, self assured and self reliant. Men wanted her but only a lucky few were brave enough to even approach her. Her confidence was the envy of other girls but at times it tipped into arrogance which only gained her a few enemies.

All this changed for Rochelle 2 years ago when she became a born again Christian after reluctantly attending one of her friend’s church conference. Like a true lover of Christ, everything about Rochelle changed, she saw herself and others in a new light.  Those around her saw the transformation and were overwhelmed by the maturity in her. Rochelle never left church, always had her Bible in her hand and cultivated a strong habit of prayer and fellowship with God.

However about 6 months ago, she began to experience spiritual attack from the enemy. It all started with the dreams. They were vivid and felt true to life. She would have demons and evil spirits appear to her in her dreams threatening to kill and destroy her. Sometimes, they did not come for her and did not even pay attention to her. She found herself as a mute spectator, witnessing the demonic attack and oppression on other members of her family and people she did not know.

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Rochelle sought counsel from her cell group leader who prayed with her and advised her that she might be experiencing these things because God was teaching her how to engage in spiritual warfare and intercede on behalf of others. Rochelle tried to follow his advice and began to read books about spiritual warfare.

Today, the once fearless Rochelle is full of fear. Despite all she reads, she still finds herself powerless and speechless in her dreams because of fear. She is afraid of becoming possessed by the demons. She is afraid that she might already be possessed. She is afraid because in all her encounters, it seems like God is never there. He seems to be with her in every other situation but in these circumstances.

Her nightmares are becoming more frequent and she has begun to have what she describes as trances during the day. She is afraid of closing her eyes for fear that she would have another experience. She does not doubt God’s ability to overcome the devil but she has no confidence in her ability to enter into that victory. Rochelle is afraid that though the devil is powerless against God, she is no match for him.

Rochelle like many other needs my book, ‘Fear No More; Finding Total Freedom from Fear in Christ’ for several reasons.

  • The book, Fear No More will inform Rochelle of who she is in Christ.
  • It will explain the origin of fear in the Garden of Eden and how the enemy still uses the same tactics he used then to deceive believers today
  • It will remind her that because she is in Christ, she is on the winning side, destined for victory
  • It will teach her about the indwelling and abiding presence of God even when He seems silent
  • It will empower and infuse her with the God– (not self) confidence she needs to overcome the enemy
  • It will guide her step by step in how to obtain freedom from fear for herself by renewing her mind with the word of God

After reading my book, ‘Fear No More; Finding Total Freedom from Fear in Christ’, Rochelle will never be the same again.


Please note this is a fictional story based on a fictional character.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


3 thoughts on “Destined to Overcome

  1. I Would love to have a copy of your book and support you since i can’t be there in peson. I do engage in a lot of spiritual warfare. God has taught me and still is how to engage in spiritual warfare for myself and others. It is a part of my miniatry.

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