Fear No More

Finding Total Freedom from Fear In Christ


Fear is a common battle for men and women daily.  Even Christians who have a relationship with Christ and heed the words of the Bible find themselves struggling with hidden fears. 

Past books teach on how to handle the symptoms and manifestations of fear such as worry and anxiety but not many have discussed how to obtain total victory over the spirit behind it.  Dr Elizabeth Babatunde shares from her own experiences how she found her freedom from fear in Christ.  In this book, she takes you right back to the origin of fear in the Garden of Eden and exposes the truth about it at its roots.

Fear No More will help you to renew your mind and empower you to overcome your fears.  It will give you a step–by-step guide on how to experience the freedom from fear available in Christ: freedom that is experienced only by knowing the Person of God, experiencing His Presence, recognising His Power and standing on His Promises.

(Book Excerpt)

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

To get your copy, go to www.fearnomorebook.com


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