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Call me today on +44 7958 019 795 and let me help you on your journey from an idea in your heart to writing to publishing.

Since embarking on my writing and publishing journey, I have been receiving at least two or three emails and phone calls every week from budding authors who need help from writing to get their books published.

So far, I have done my best to be as helpful as I can but find that I am unable to give YOU as the writer, the encouragement and support You require.

As a result Memoirs With God; MWG Limited, a publishing consultancy company have created a variety of offers in which you can use to ‘pick my brains’, learn from my mistakes and have access to my industry contacts.



So if you have a question you can:

  • Leave it as a comment on this blog
  • Call me on +44 7958 019 795 and leave a message with your name and your question either on the voicemail or with a representative
  • Send me an email with your question to
  • Ask me on Twitter @efbabatunde

And I will answer you for FREE either:

  • By responding directly to your comment on this blog or
  • By replying to your Tweet

So please send your questions in as there might be other people like you who want to know the same thing. You never know; your question might even spark off a video response!





I can help you on your journey by becoming your WRITING COACH.

Perhaps you have more than one question whizzing through your mind. You have the idea for your book but not sure of what to do next.

  • You want someone to help you start writing.
  • You want someone to keep you writing.
  • You need someone with over 15 years of experience in writing different genres.
  • You need someone who is positive, motivational and inspirational.
  • You need someone who you can trust to walk the journey with you.


You need someone who will see you as God sees you; destined for success not failure.

At the back of your mind, you are saying, ‘I need someone to INSPIRE ME’. Fear No More, the answer is closer than you think.


By having me as Your WRITING COACH; depending on how much assistance you think you require, I will:

  • Assist you through the journey from idea to manuscript production
  • Give you 1-2-1 support
  • Personally respond to your email queries
  • Be available to take your phonecalls
  • Meet with you to discuss your manuscript
  • Read some of your work and give you personalised feedback

If you would like to have me on your team as Your WRITING COACH, simply:

  • Email for more information
  • Text Your name, email address and ‘WRITING COACH’ to +44 7958 019 795
  • Call me today on +44 7958 019 795 and leave your name, email address and request on the voicemail or with a representative

We will send you a brochure of our packages within 48 hours. Terms and Conditions apply for WRITING COACH Services. I do not personally offer editorial services but the MWG Limited editors can do this.




Will I work with you?

My passion is for writing. I have done it for over 15 years. I have written fiction, non – fiction, short stories, poems, etc. I have had my work published in various books and have even prepared training materials for several Christian youth groups.

My vision is to encourage, educate and empower the body of Christ in becoming who God created them to be.

So for now I will only work with men and women who have a message to share with the world that will promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Kingdom of God. My time is for those who have a divinely inspired idea that needs expression in words.

There might come a time when my services will expand to coaching budding authors in non – religious or Gospel genres. However, I will never support work that I feel contradicts my Statement of Faith (found at

So what are your waiting for, Call Me Today.



May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Go to to buy your copy today!


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