Complete unfinished projects from 2010 for Success in 2011

Crucial key to success in 2011

In the buzz of a brand new year, many of us develop the ‘I can’t wait to start all over again’ syndrome. Some have said to themselves, ‘I am going to do something different this year, start something new and amazing that will change my life, maybe even the world’. They have viewed the 10 second countdown at midnight that shifted the world from 2010 into 2011 as a ticket into a parallel world where for a brief period they believe things would be different this year. That is until a day like today, Tuesday 4th of January 2011, the first working day of the year and everyone’s back to work as usual. The year has changed, the date has changed but we are still the same persons with the same responsibilities as last year.

The only way we can make each year count is by having a vision and running with it. In my previous post, ‘Write the Vision and make it plain’ , I describe how and why it is important to have written goals for the year ahead. However, I want to share a word of caution that God gave me with other eager and enthusiastic goal writers like myself. He reminded me that although it is exciting to set and write new goals for the new year, we also have to pay attention to goals that weren’t achieved or unfinished projects from 2010. It is tempting to abandon our unfinished projects of 2010 and move onto something completely different because ‘January is the month of new beginnings’. However there is wisdom in finishing off what we already started.

So I heeded His caution and wrote my goals for 2011 with 2010 in mind. In the same vein, I urge you to define worthy projects from the past year which could be brought into the new. There will be goals that we have to let go of and just accept that they will not be achieved. These tend to be goals that seemed like a good idea at the time they were written but which we do not deeply believe in or have any true desire in their achievement.

As a result, 12 months later, we return to our list of goals and realise that for the 3rd year running, we still have not yet climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. So if there are any goals that you have not achieved from the previous year, ask yourself this question, is this goal worth writing again? If the goal had been written with a clear vision or end in mind, the chances are that it probably warrants achievement. If not then perhaps it is time to let go of that dream that will not add to your destiny.

Avoid the temptation to turn the yearly vision exercise into a time of starting new projects whilst forgetting or abandoning old ones. A new year offers the opportunity to develop and build on the victories of the previous year. Make the decision not to be a short term person or half starter. It is important to take the step to start something but remember that it is those who finish the race who will get the prize.

Usually by the end of the previous year, I already have bigger and better goals for the next. December 31st meets me at a time of anticipation, eager to leave the past year behind and enter into a new, miraculous year in which all I plan will definitely happen for me. This year has been somewhat different. It has taken me several days longer to come up with my vision and goals for 2011. Why? Because I was looking for something new, more extravagant than I had envisioned for 2010 to come to me. I wanted to have greater achievement in 2011.

Instead I realised that for 2011, the overall vision was not so different from that of 2010. The 12 months of 2010 had just made it clearer and moved me closer to its achievement. So half an hour ago, sat in my car with the street lamps as my only light, I wrote a similar vision for 2011 as I did for last year. However this time it was better articulated and more precise. This time I built on the foundation I had developed in 2010 eager to establish and perfect the many projects I had already started.

Your vision should be a reflection of who God is developing you to become as each year progresses. Work with the overall vision that God has for your life in mind and create goals as steps that will aid you in achieving that vision. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination. A new year does not necessarily warrant a new vision but if you are to be successful in 2011, there will need to be a wiser you, let God be your Divine Guide.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

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2 thoughts on “Complete unfinished projects from 2010 for Success in 2011

  1. We will be greater and be a better person if we carefully listen and wait for divine instruction this will make our vision a reality mission. God bless u Lizzy

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