What comes next?

The full draft of the book is finished. 

The concepts, ideas and insights God revealed to me during my one year personal study into overcoming fear has been translated succinctly into printed words.

Honestly, I cannot believe that for my first book, I have written just over 33,000 words with 13 chapters including the introduction.  Even now, I have many more concepts God is showing me that I could include to give some of the chapters more depth.

So what next?

Well I’ve split my journey into different stages.

  • Writing:  as it says on the tin
  • Pre – Production:  editing and preparation of manuscript
  • Production:  printing and production of hard copy of book
  • Post – Production:  marketing, distribution and sales of book

The writing period is almost over.  At this point, it is unlikely I am going to add new concepts to the manuscript.  Any additions will be to simply add depth and build on previous chapters.

Pre – Production

This is the stage I am in now.  It involves preparing the manuscript for printing and for me, the beginning of my marketing strategy.

In order to prepare the manuscript for printing, I have researched several editors and finally chose one.  She does editing, copy writing, etc and has edited books for many well known authors including the legendary Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, one of my role models.  If all goes according to plan, my editor should be able to get the book ready for print by the beginning of next month.

Whoooo Hoooo!

I have also given the finished copy to my bible school dean from King’s College of Excellence who has been following the development of the book right from its baby stages.  He has been reviewing some of the theological insights I share in the book and has given positive reviews so far.

I am currently praying and looking for book clubs and writing groups that I can approach to read the finished copy and give me some much needed feedback.  So if you know any, simply leave a comment below.

As mentioned earlier, I really want to get started with the marketing but I haven’t actually worked out a specific marketing strategy yet.  I suppose I better get going.

So there you have it; an update on my progress.  I pray that after all is done, this book is as a great a success as God has shown me it will be.

But more importantly, I pray it changes the life of all those who read it and enables them to walk in the freedom available in Christ, Amen.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde


3 thoughts on “What comes next?

  1. great to hear of your achievement may the Lord God continue to build up to another level in Him in JESUS name . amen

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