Hello world!

I am afraid

Probably 3 years ago…

I had just finished another intense session of revision in the library.  I couldn’t wait to run out of the door and get something to eat.  The thing about revision is that the brain craves glucose like a rabid dog.  If you’re not careful, you will become hypo very quickly (your blood sugar drops) and you lose all concentration and intelligible thought.

As I packed my books and headed out of the door, my phone rang.  It was my mum.  It was unusual for her to call in the middle of the day unless it was urgent so I hastily went out to take the call.  Immediately I heard the voices of my brothers in the background.  ‘Why wasn’t I told of this family meeting?  Unless it’s an emergency’.

My mum started, “please don’t get scared, we didn’t want to tell you but…”.  You could hear the tears behind her voice.

As she continued with her story, I felt my temperature rise.  My legs felt weak, my heart was racing; I was having palpitations.  I struggled to listen to the whole story.

For me it was devastating news.

I was panicked.  I was worried.  I cried out of helplessness.

I was afraid.

That weekend, I got the next train to London to be with my family, at least I did not have to be afraid of what comes next… alone.”

I don’t have to be afraid

Probably 1 week ago…

I had just started my 4th night shift in A&E.  It had not been too busy the last 3 nights so I was hoping this one would be a perfect ending to a perfect set of nights.

I had only been at work for 3 hours when my phone rang.  It was my mum.  I knew we were going through some difficult times as a family but was hoping things would get better not worse.

She asked if I was able to talk.  Technically I wasn’t but I could hear my brothers in the background, everyone was up at 1am, something’s obviously wrong.

I walked to the back of the nursing station and asked her what was wrong.  She didn’t mess around, she gave me the news straight.

I felt sick in my stomach.  My legs felt weak and my heart began to race; I was having palpitations.

The news was terrible but it was the potentially devastating aftermath we were all concerned about.  I got the strength back in my legs and walked to the Doctor’s room where I calmly asked some simple questions.  My palpitations were short lived.

I spoke to both of my brothers and made sure everyone was ok.  Once I was satisfied with their safety, I assured them I would finish my shift and be back in the morning.

After I hung up the phone, I prayed and cried.

This time I was concerned but not worried.  I was hopeful not helpless.  My body had reacted to the news in fear of the future but I stood my ground.

I had no reason to be afraid because I had God.”

Welcome to my blog.

You’re probably wondering what on earth I am talking about.

Well, this blog is the prelude to my book about overcoming the spirit of fear the Biblical way.

Fear is a part of everyday life.  We come across situations that either make us afraid or scare other people.  Some of us are afraid once in a while, others daily whilst others are so bound by the stronghold of fear, it affects their quality of life.

My book is for those who are struggling with the spirit of fear in their lives.  

Those who have held back from the good things that God has in store for them because of fear.

Those who are living below the heights that God has pre – ordained for them in the shadow of fear.

My book will expose the lies the devil has told you about God, yourself and others.  It will illuminate the wonderful truths God has revealed in His Word.

My book will guide you on the path to freedom and show you the steps to take.

How do I know this?

Because I have also battled the spirit of fear and won in Christ Jesus.

I do not write as someone who has attained victory in my own strength but as one who lives and depends daily on the principles of the Word of God; the Bible for overcoming my fears.

So read the About pages and see how this blog prepares you for my book.

May God bless and keep you in His presence forever, Amen

Dr Elizabeth F Babatunde

Go to www.fearnomorebook.com for your copy today!



7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. The Book ‘Fear No More’ by Dr Elizabeth Babatunde is a must read for everyone. The book brings to life the reality of knowing that there is a solution for every problem. It makes us recognise the effects of fear and why we must combat any negativity which might be hindering us from moving forward physically, mentally, psychologically, financially or spiritually.

    The book Juxtaposes the difference between living a life of fear and living a life of fulfillment by experiencing his presence, recognising his power and standing on his promises.

    Michael Onukwuli

  2. Hie Elizabeth, after you told me about you book last night, I cant wait to read,it, sounds interesting.

    good luck and god bless


  3. Hie Elizabeth, after you told me about you book last night, I cant wait to read,it, sounds interesting.

    good luck and god bless

    audrey marau

  4. I now see why I listen to you a lot. You have talent. Love the plot and suspense. I will keep visiting. Dr Babatunde I can see this book will go a very long way.

    Get some rest through this and keep up the good work.


  5. Liz love the one scenario two different endings…kind of reminds me of film sliding doors and how the decision or choices we make can determine our outcomes!!! So illustrating the difference when we Christ,centered solutions really brings home, why our faith is the pillar of lives.

    Dr Babatunde….I look forward to the next posting!
    Well done Liz!

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